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Cerbat Foothills Recreation Area

City of Kingman Parks & Rec.
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Cerbat Foothills Recreation Area includes 19 miles of trails with several trailheads. Trails are for hiking, equestrian and mountain biking (bike rentals are available at Bicycle Outfitters in Kingman starting at just $35/day).

Click here to download the latest trail map provided by the Kingman BL Office.

Camp Beale Loop Trail:   A multipurpose (non-motorized) hiking, mountain bicycling, and equestrian trail. The trail is a 3.2 mile loop, meandering to the top of the mesa, and back down. Grades average 5 percent, with some short sections reaching 10-12%. Views from the top of the mesa overlook various sections of the community.

Monolith Gardens Loop Trail:  Comprising about 7 miles of trails, this trail is frequented by hiking and mountain biking.

Badger & Castlerock Trails:  Acessible from Hwy 93 about 5 miles north of Kingman, this trail has fantastic views on Sacramento Valley. One can see multilple types of desert vegitation and animal life along this 3.2 mile trail.




Hiking/Biking Trails

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Here's the funny part of my run today... ever since I started running I've been reading about people falling and so, like the true Virgo that I am, I've been waiting for it to happen. And today, about 5 miles into it, I fell... and my first instinct was to look at my phone because I landed right on top of it. And my first thought was "luckily it happened in the desert... with no one else watching". So I'm laying on my stomach on a trail, in the desert, and I start laughing because I remembered the line from Batman... "why do we fall, Bruce?" Anyhow... I also met a man on a horse... he told me not to go around the trail, especially behind bushes. I saw a cow. Then I saw more cows. Some were relaxing. Some got up... I slowed down and walked amongst them. I got to the high point... a boulder overlooking the highway and it was so steep. So of course, I had to free climb it... the top was windy but had great views. Then I realized I'm screwed because I have no idea how to get down. But then I inspected the area a bit more and found a path. Then I ran out of water. And my fall had left some cuts on my legs... and my nose was bleeding. By the time I got to my car I was numb and had runners high. I didn't care... I had accomplished what I was seeking... to leave the world behind and just sync in the moment. #breakthrough #mindbodysoul #adventures of #womenwhohike #womenwhorun #womenwhoexplore #womenwhobike #womenwhoread #trailrunning #hiking #hikingadventures #optoutside #gooutside #goexplore #outdoors #desert #desertlife #kingman #arizona #arizonaliving #expatlife #romanian #woman #bosslady #whydowefall #riseabove #resist #nevergiveup